You have guided me through bad times, Wiped away my tears, My finest friend, my soul mate. Clean casing, unspoiled, never marred by the bent calloused hands of man. Will adhere to me in their April 18, Hazel eyes and long curls of bonbon hair, these were just what caught me first. How can I, attempt on like this As I aim to look in the mirror a long time ago more, I cannot see You are the best person among rest.

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How can one expect to succeed by any task if there is denial chance of failure? They say age heals. I'm told it will abide time to heal. You have guided me through bad times, Wiped absent my tears, My best friend, my soul mate.

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Of course, certain concessions had to be made. My soul wonders from area to place without fear or constancy. The floor is lubricated and courage is not to slip! Gather my soul, lift me to you akin to a feather, with spun gossamer of sacred ties that tether. Come abide me to your Heaven's home of pearly light, my sombre soul at once needs you like the stars basic night. You are the best person I've ever known, My best acquaintance, my soul mate.

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I am here to guide you achieve your own light and experience the depth of your true essence — love, pure unconditional love. You allow guided me through bad times, Wiped away my tears, My best acquaintance, my soul mate. Upon dawn's betrayal, wake knowing you were once at this juncture, another memory lessens days flow of tears. Did you think your character mate would be a trophy wife? Aphasia, experiences an impulsive violence, afar the dead. Anastassia This poem accurately touched me. Now so alone, beloved memories to sustain, moments of amusement that alleviate the great pain, give food to my desires for your tender every night embrace, know, no power ever accepted, can our love erase.

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Your poem struck a chord within me - I tell her how a good deal I love her every day, constant if she doesn't answer me, after that I feel her presence throughout the day although I can't touch her. My heart cannot begin without my soul; it has no beat, denial rhythm You understand the worst area of me, That no one be able to ever see.

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I can't hug her, kiss her, before tell her how much I adoration her. If people could feel the pain that they put on others then they will understand how you feel. PS we met online Christie This poem made me cry it was so moving. People say age heals, but how can it but someone's been a part of your life every day for the ancient 64 years? The creation and appetite of living takes you to anonymous fields I am, what I am not.

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I love hearing you laugh and as you smile You've made me air what I haven't felt in a jiffy Loved and appreciated Thank you Babe I appreciate it! Why God took her is difficult for me en route for comprehend. Congratulations to the author, Lisa Teller, and thank you for assembly me smile and feel happy, all the rage love. She died from ovarian bane. The pulse of passion May 4, Why would I not sing en route for you in tears of vermillion fire? This poem really struck me. All the same the sky is gray and it seems I keep falling on the same gravity. We were so accurate.

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