Melchor de Mencos Between cities: The agent import processing took the longest age, perhaps 30 minutes total between big out the paperwork, having the chap enter it into the computer after that paying the fee. Juanita was accordingly kind to offer us some meals and fruits at multiple times all through our stay.

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As of there he was walked to the other side of the building anywhere permits are issued for people entering into Belize. It has a absorbed water port, excellent tourist destinations, a number of malls and excellent and safe nightlife. Your car is sprayed as you drive through. The vehicle import dealing out took the longest time, perhaps 30 minutes total between filling out the paperwork, having the guy enter it into the computer and paying the fee. Pullman type air conditioned buses depart daily from the Melchor de Mencos municipality for the capital Guatemala city and the borders with Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico. After acceptance the list, Customs dude does a through inspection of the car after that sends you to pay the bank clerk in the booth on the beyond of the building.

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Chena and Joel made us feel akin to family right away. Our passports were stamped, and the lady told us there was a Q20 per person fee. San Ignacio se encuentra a 12 km del Chechemhah lodge. After that we probably could have argued our way out of it. Kobus returned to the car and drove all the way through the Belize exit point.

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