ISO female with same good humor,childishness, candid, not overwieght who likes the alike things. Enjoy classical music, good cooking, Bridge, and a whole lot of other things, as well. What are you supposed to do about it? Let's talk, e-mail me and we'll connect via the phone. It is not creepy or perverted, but it is an anachronism in an become old where women can take care of themselves and live independent of a man's support. And I love my kids. Older men find younger women attractive because younger women are add fertile than women of the older man's age.

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I've been through so much I agonize should I even try to allow another relationship. Asking for companionship after that communication. I live in Atlanta, GA. Let's talk, e-mail me and we'll connect via the phone. I akin to fireplaces TV, country music, Jazz etc. SEX, well, is rather unimportant. Non smoker, social drinker.

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Bodily, not wealthy, new born vegetarian, inteligent, optimistic. If you like to angle, please send picture of fishing baton. I live in south-west Ontario, benefit from driving a few hours for a relaxing drive and would like en route for spend the next 50 years all the rage constant devotion to my dream child, with only one thing that should come first, and that would be our Creator and GOD. Would choose smoker and social drinker would be nice but not required.

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Animation as we know it is actually, over! I also show affection denial matter how public a place is. Old fashioned ethical standards. Basically a British gentleman. I am a physicist and mathematician loving home life after that several other interests.

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A non-smoker is essential, all else is negotiable. I haven't had any designed for 15 years! Or, just to be compatible, in the meantime. I'm 54, careful good looking and an absolutely bad romantic. There are more important things in a relationship! Preferable jewish although not must.

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DWM, 56 yrs old. Old movies above all sci-fi long walks traveling and acceptable dining and fine wines are interests. I'm 56 yrs 6' blond beard Gemini some Polish. Ive been arrange the same job for 32yrs. Four grandchildren I dearly love and a daughter who seems to like me. Should we perchance, meet, spend our last few moments together?

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