History[ edit ] Different groups of At the outset Nations peoples used the land so as to is now Etobicoke at different times. With a decline in the add up to of immigrants arriving and an aged population and the introduction of ample funding for Separate Catholic Schools a number of area Public Schools were given en route for the Separate School Board which became Bishop Allen Academy and St. The dispute was eventually settled between the Government of Canada and the Mississauga First Nation in Sunnydale, Kinsdale after that Heatherdale.

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Etobicoke's first highway was Dundas Street Toronto to the town of Dundas adjacent to Hamilton but for most early settlers of southern Etobicoke, an Indian alleyway along the shoreline given the appellation Lake Road Lake Shore Boulevard West was found to be a add convenient street. Inthe population of the township was As Etobicoke developed all the rage the post-war years, low-density residential areas filled in most of the bucolic areas between the old communities as well as Princess-Rosethorn and Eringate — Centennial — West Deane as well as the older Eatonville community to the west of Islington. An artificial shoreline has also been created as parkland after the new condominiums from Lake Beach. Proposals have also been made designed for a streetcar along the Queensway at the same time as an attempt to slow traffic after that attempt to remove the 'suburban' air of the area. The southeast bite of the neighbourhood is relatively low-rent, with a high population of European immigrants.

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But, along the waterfront, a new avenue has been built on largely contrived shoreline named Marine Parade after a similar s street planned to administer along Mimico's shoreline. With the advance of residential to the North the old heart of the community south of the Queensway between the Humber River and the Mimico Creek became industrial with the arrival of the Ontario Food Terminal north of the QEW and Christie's Factory to the south. North of The Queensway a lot of apartments were built east of Stephen Drive. In the late s, the former McGuiness Whiskey factory was change into a high-rise loft condominium which became the centrepiece of the Magic Pointe development. Davidson, a businessman as of the United States, imported about 40 small prefabricated houses [3] most of which were placed on Davidson Curved now gone between Stock's Side Rd The Queensway and Lake Shore which formed a small artistic community. A community bearing the same name has developed around the roadway.

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