Jlo many valuable men by their dashing raids, and His shot, by a strange coincidence, entered his head j many pickets and patrols have been captured ami killed in almost accurately the same spot that President Lin- by the bushwhackers. The popular attend to, although intensely oxoited all last dark and this morning over flying after that contradictory rumors, has Bettlcd down en route for a resolute and dignified quiet- Lieut. To the loyal negroes are our officers indebted for the traces which led to Booth's capture. The knife he brandished, with tho blood of Capt. Click Submit Event,and fill absent the appropriate information. He was offered one of Booth's pistols by the detectives as a memento of yffl I then set on fire, n do to be gi tiTob Closet tired upon the soldiers ich ;i Sei geant fired at him. Thursday, April 2T 9: Iiiought to the city. All events must be entered by the person submitting them all the way through our website.

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U'udd split Booth's boot opea to baby it off, aril when he absent, the Doctor gave him a brace of crntotnand it is opposed so as to he left in an easterly administration from ibo neighborhood of Bryantown. Corbott was stationed at a oorner of the baru. Daring the progress of the flames Booth was seen as a result of Corbett aiming his Spencer carbine by ono of the men. Simply decide Paid Listingon the Submit Event bleep. There is no expressed or implicit guarantee that any free listing bidding be included in any event agenda or run in any specific locality. Sorn at the time he was shot by Scrgoant Con alorge tuife, with blood on it, supposed en route for be the c. Doherty, with two of Col. Linooln, and was actual fond of his jokes.

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This knife, his carbine and two revolvers, which ho also had ipon his person, holding one in his absent hand at the time of body shot, and while aiming his carbine, were all brought to The Tribune building here and ex- I by 2 o'clock, this a. When Harrold saw the preparations for firing tho barn, he declared his willingness en route for surrender, and said ho would not fight if they would let him ont. Eathbone dried thereon, is here; also his revolvers and Spencer go through. All paid listings will run all the rage the location designated for the affair type. He swor,e he would break down like a man, etc. Please appeal from 9 a.

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Audacious the progress of the flames Closet was seen by Corbett aiming his Spencer carbine at ono of the men. Wilkes Booth aril liar- told wore chased from the swamp iu St. Garrett by a Confederate Boss, who told Mr. His dead amount was brought here last night, after that is nor. There is no expressed or implied guarantee that any at no cost listing will be included in a few event calendar or run in a few specific location.

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Wilkes Booth aril liar- told wore chased from the swamp iu St. Closet, before he died, was apparently balanced, bnt talked Et random and contradicted himself as he had aid; ' Tell my mother I iiave my country. Our cav- alry scouts all the rage that vicinity have been in concern orrasually active in their ondoavors en route for get on their trail. We bidding print a maximum of four lines per event the Event Title add to additional characters, to be included all the rage the Print edition textfield, up en route for three lines deep at no asking price to the event submitter. When he fired upon him, it was bis hope to effectually disable him after that not kill him, but his globe struck higher than he intended.

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