The bread pakoray were not my beaker of tea but their chaat papri was delicious though! We will aim some of the large selection of sweets they had on display after that the samosas that others have raved about in their reviews. I attempt here on a regular basis designed for takeout and occasionally for dine-in.

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All raves about the butter chicken A long time ago you finish you pay up by the front. Sweet Mahal This affair has not yet been claimed as a result of the owner or a representative.

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I go here on a regular base for takeout and occasionally for dine-in. It was excessively salty and had very little meat floating in fatty curry sauce. Bad crowd and abysmal food. I ordered take out devoid of realizing it's a lunch room adapt Indian food place Butter chicken was mediocre to say the least wasn't the worst I've had but wasn't even close to being good. The food is mediocre. We will aim some of the large selection of sweets they had on display after that the samosas that others have raved about in their reviews.

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The roti was made from corn which I had never tried before. By and large, good but our quest for the best continues. So i went answer thinking I had to order after that pay before I get my array for veg thali. Ordered a vegetable thali, the flavours were very able-bodied balanced.

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Feels like you are ignored if you are not Indian. Chair Massage is perfect for busy executives. We additionally ordered sarson ka saag mustard greens and makki ki roti to abide home with us and we enjoyed them and our leftover channa bhatura the next day. I never accomplish it to this part of city but when I got here I knew that I can find accurate Indian food in the area accordingly I pulled yelp out and bring into being this restaurant. Not loaded with brackish and oil like a lot of Indian restaurants. Strange and confusing Attendant came after mins and I asked what option are there for vegetable for veg thali they said me to go to the counter after that select why can't you ask me when I was waiting at counter? All very well spiced and flavourful.

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I chose a potato dish, chick peas and okra. Their Thalis are absolutely filling and reasonably priced. It was excessively salty and had very a small amount meat floating in oily curry cheek. The service is not good. All so often, we like to assessment out a different casual mom 'n pop Indian cafe in search of our favorite comfort food The cooking is mediocre. Manos is a absurd Chair Massage Practitioner. The channa tasted better the day after, the spices having settled in.

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Came with 2 huge pieces of naan, choice of plain or garlic. Their Thalis are quite filling and convincingly priced. Overall, we will eat at this juncture again if we're in the neighborhood! Last week my soul was ache for curry so I thought I'd take a chance on this area in Rexdale and I called designed for take out. I really liked associate veg, bharta and gajar halwa.

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