The town extends 14 kilometres 9 miles north-south and 7 kilometres 3. All the rage SeptemberYRT unveiled a new rapid journey initiative entitled VIVA which provides enhanced bus service on major routes using vehicles capable of speeding up interchange lights to lessen the time they idle. It is largely residential, along with most commercial development located along Yonge Street. During the s, Chinese immigrants primarily from Hong Kong moved en route for Richmond Hill, where they set ahead businesses and shops catering to the community. The earth that had been collected by the glacier's movement but was left in place and the elevated region that remained comprises advanced day Richmond Hill. It has fallen within the limits of Richmond Knoll ever since its annexation in

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The northernmost part of the town is mostly farm land, though it is slowly being developed. It is basically residential, with most commercial development located along Yonge Street. Thousands of years ago during the last ice-age , glaciers moving in a southerly administration amassed a considerable amount of den in front of them which they carried forward as they grew. Body elevated above the surrounding region, rain in the town tends to arise outwards via the multitude of streams and rivers that flow through the town. The ease of accessing the town is threatened by increasing interchange due to growth in the region, as the resulting commutes diminish the usefulness of the road network.

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The current Town Hall was moved en route for that location in Of note, are the RougeHumberand Don rivers which accept some of their flow from sources in the town. Mill Pond[ alter ] Mill Pond is a common located in the mid-region of Richmond Hill that is surrounded by birthright homes. The community is named afterwards Jefferson Sideroad, a major thoroughfare all the rage the neighbourhood. It has fallen contained by the limits of Richmond Hill always since its annexation in

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