Average East magazine is the official affair organ of the Arab world after that journal used by American firms in quest of trade there. How could one be unsuccessful to present the most violent decent convulsion in the history of mankind? Winn, director of Jefferson Bancorp, Inc. What false messiahs served as their mentors, and what false prophets brilliant them to controvert the funda- mentals of Judaism?

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Frl eve 7 pm Sal. IV Channel Trust No. We've also arranged designed for several doctors, dentists and lawyers above all either NCJW members of their husbands to donate their services to those who need them. Shamir blasted global terrorism and called on the inter- national community to make the battle against terrorism one of its chief targets.

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Our 75 volunteers are currently in- volved, and I expect that this day they will put in a absolute of 30, hours working on exodus. Rabbi Sher man Kirshner. Including the latest in hi-tech computer balancing, hi-tech alignment and special tire changing apparatus for protecting mag wheels. Call Avoid Van Dyke nd St.

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Services were held July 6 at the Riverside. The show will play as of Wednesday. Steinberg of Miami Beach.

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Amount Leh- man, of Florida's 13th area, during Lehman's recent visit to Haiti to investigate the problems of Haitian refugees coming to South Florida. Around was a lot of British his- tory before the Jews, a allocation of French history without Jews, a lot of German history without Jews. All persons Interested In the area to whom a copy of this NoUce of Administration has been mailed are required. Before he went en route for Poland, he talked to relatives who had come from Poland, and he drew a family tree that after that included people and now includes 'hundreds. This fall Biscayne College will agreement a four year career-oriented program chief to a BA degree with a major in transportation, travel and going to place of interest. According to Weinberger, it will be his first visit to Israel all the rage two years.

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Located in the 7th district, its attractions include themed days e. Pres 1 Dand L Combs, V. Suite 10 Miami Shores. University of Chicago after that University of Michigan. Kean will accept the American ORT Federation Community Accomplishment Award 'in recognition of his curious contributions to his com- munity, en route for education and to government. In the after noon, he met with Mondale at the Regency Hotel. Westinghouse after that General Electric: Kaiserbrundl is one of the longest running gay saunas all the rage Europe! To summarize A nice cleanse and well maintained gay sauna along with a friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere.

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