Bureau Clinton would present and advocate designed for legislation that allows the VA en route for pursue provider agreements to do this in the most effective and able manner; Establish a VHA Strategic Administration and Governance Board of health anxiety and management leaders. At the alike time, the VA must maintain the ultimate responsibility of coordinating and ensuring comprehensive and quality health care designed for every veteran and the specialized services that they deserve — critical functions that would disappear if the VA were privatized. But we must attempt further by ending the sequester designed for both defense and non-defense spending all the rage a balanced way, and prioritizing full-funding and advance appropriations for the complete Department of Veterans Affairs. Supporting brainy compensation and benefits reform that attracts the best and brightest new recruits to the AVF. And as Bureau of State, she was at the table in the Situation Room, as long as advice to the President on the most grave decision a Commander-in-Chief makes: DoD and VA must also abolish bureaucratic barriers to seamless coordination after that information-sharing.

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En route for do this, Secretary Clinton will: Argue back against schools that prey arrange veterans, including through legislation that closes the loophole exploited by for-profit schools, and by banning schools from acceptance federal student aid including DoD coach assistance and VA GI Bill backing if they are found guilty of fraudulently recruiting students; Enforce zero acceptance for firms that overcharge service members and veterans by banning bill collectors and loan servicers from contracts en route for service federal loans, and help defrauded students discharge debt from fraudulent schools; Strengthen non-discrimination laws protecting veterans after that military families by expanding the Uniformed Services Reemployment and Readjustment Act USERRA and Servicemembers Civil Relief Act SCRA , adding veteran status to the Fair Housing Act of to care for veterans from discrimination in the accommodation market. Our men and women all the rage uniform have volunteered to put their lives on the line to achieve our country in operations that adhere to our people safe and ensure amity and security across the globe. The council will be an all-of-government accost to supporting veterans, comprised of the heads of all 17 agencies catch up in this mission to synchronize after that integrate the patchwork of programs after that benefits. Dedicate research funding and afford mechanisms for collaborative efforts to aid the development and expansion of evidence-based diagnostic tools and treatments for veteran-centric conditions, including mental health issues after that other invisible, latent, and toxic wounds of war, and direct the VA, HHS, and DoD to collaborate after that integrate portfolios when it makes awareness to do so. Modernize the armed health system by ensuring service members, military retirees, and their families forceful access to health care by changing the incentive structure of the TRICARE contracts to produce better health outcomes with better patient satisfaction, expanding admission to mental health care through telemedicine and non-traditional treatments, and ensuring the health needs of military women — including reproductive health care — are fully supported.

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Adopting modern and inclusive personnel policies so as to serve to bolster and enhance the finest fighting force the world has ever seen. From the top control to mid-level managers to entry-level employees, everyone at the VA must exemplify the highest workplace standards. Our men and women in uniform have volunteered to put their lives on the line to serve our country all the rage operations that keep our people anodyne and ensure peace and security athwart the globe. The council will be an all-of-government approach to supporting veterans, comprised of the heads of altogether 17 agencies involved in this aim to synchronize and integrate the collage of programs and benefits. Revamp the performance evaluation system to recognize after that advance high-performing employees to create a thriving, effective, and sustainable organizational background, while also establishing processes to certify managers are held accountable for attractive action to deal with poorly amateur dramatics employees. To tackle these challenges, Bureau Clinton will: Secretary Clinton has fought for our veterans throughout her calling. Our obligation to our veterans cannot be separated from our broader allegiance to take care of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen -active duty, reserve, and National Guard — and their families. Champion efforts en route for care for our military members after that families, and ensure that our citizen honors and respects them throughout their service and beyond.

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