Equally floors have a few large barrier TV's where you can view a good number major sporting events. Cheap prices, amusement atmosphere, good looking girls, and the possibility of extras. Last time I went the cover was 10 before 15 dollars. Nothing happened while I was there, but its worth noting. There are some unattractive ones all the rage there but that goes for a good number places. The other customers are by and large fine but there are some actual hood people. Most of the girls range from mid range to actual attractive. Now for the girls.

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A good number of the girls range from central range to very attractive. There are some unattractive ones in there although that goes for most places. Acceptable, the Picc is probably one of my favorite places to go. Alcoholic drink prices are a little high although not compared to center citysome thuggish behavior, some girls with attitude, not the best area. You walk all the rage pay a bouncer ,get frisked, after that then The club seems to alternate girls from other clubs kind of often, so if you go expecting to see the girl you adage last time you may be disenchant. One example of this, once I was in the bathroom,and even all the same everyone is searched coming in, a few guy in the stall pulled along his pants and had a gun fall out.

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Akin to any other place in Philly cast out be aware of your surroundings after that you'll be fine. Both floors allow a few large screen TV's anywhere you can view most major fair events. You walk in pay a bouncer ,get frisked, and then attempt through another door into the authentic club. The other customers are by and large fine but there are some actual hood people. After each dancer comes off stage they'll work the area for tips, which is normal designed for most places,but if you don't advice. The many stage areas, while above all small are easily seen from a good number places in the club.

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The many stage areas, while mostly diminutive are easily seen from most places in the club. I was propositioned by one older girl, so I'm sure that some extra activities accomplish go on there. The downstairs has two larger rooms, one with a bar and seating stools and couches ,and a smaller stage area. The upstairs is smaller but still has two rooms, again one with a bar and seating with a diminutive stage area in the vented, after that the other with just more chair. Most of the girls range as of mid range to very attractive. At once for the girls. All in altogether its one of the best places to go.

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