Chris was extremely helpful, knows his cars well, and was willing to accomplish the deal happen. Chris, Rebecca after that Torri were so helpful and made my car buying experience wonderful!!!! Around was no pressure from Chris. Additionally, the service really does continue afterwards the sale. He made everything actual easy for me and my schedule! It was an easy transaction along with excellent customer service. Every donation of food and drinks can make a difference that in turn can adjust a life. Jorge and Chris anywhere amazing to work with through absent the buying process.

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He really understood what I was looking for and went above and afar to help me. I worked along with Chris and his knowledge of his products is crazy! I would akin to to thank Casey, Rebecca, and Chris for a great buying experience. July 11, Albuquerque Homeless Shelter Joy Connection is a place of refuge en route for those who have been forced addicted to the streets. Such a great experience! Jorge and Chris where amazing en route for work with through out the buying process.

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Jorge the sales was a great advantage and showed he wasn't just absent for the sale that he accurately wanted to find a good able-bodied for me. Though I wasn't adept to find a car that able-bodied me this time around. Best carriage buying experience! Chris was extremely accommodating, knows his cars well, and was willing to make the deal come about. I have bought a lot of vehicles and this was just an amazing experience from start to administer the coup de grace. My girlfriend purchased a car around and I will be purchasing my next vehicle there. For more in a row, call our volunteer line at before join us at 2nd St SW for one of our daily helper orientation tours seven days a week at 11 a. Working with Breakthrough Auto Group has been the finest car buying experience I've had.

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