The IDA Drugs on the right of the picture has been replaced as a result of a row of stores at the base of a residential high advance. Stores and Seabond Loans is allay standing. Before that, the road was little more than a dirt chase, as illustrated in the photo beyond, taken in near Rogers Road. This road extended as far north at the same time as York Mills Road.

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This is what Weston Road used en route for look like in Toronto. Signs designed for Old Weston Rd. The facility shown here was located north of the railroad intersection in the Junction. The road rose onto the table lands along what is now the access to the northbound Don Valley Parkway and followed Broadview north and O'Connor east before joining with the contemporary Don Mills Road. Another bawdy Connection hotel, Brown's was one of the several establishments forced to stop allocation alcohol by the passage of a local law enforcing prohibition in It was widened to four lanes, after that extended north over Highway to Sheppard in Stores and Seabond Loans is still standing. On the right, The Standard Fuel Co. Aerial view of the Willys-Overland auto works around

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Named for the old village of Weston, which it once primarily served, the road used to be heavily built-up along its southern reaches: Aerial analysis of the Willys-Overland auto works about The road ended at the Mills for a time, until farmers to the north on the acquire between the river valleys opened a new road to provide an easier route to carry their yields en route for the St. Why use Public Records Checks? Find all the public records you are looking for right at once

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