The girls wear evening gowns between sets on stage. There are also a number of tables in the main room. The restaurant has very good food. The lap dances are more of a tame version of a table ball. There is also another entrance approach into another dining area which is seperated with glass from the central room. The club seems to be catering to a higher class client.

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Although back to the other room, at the same time as you first walked in, instead of veering left, if you continued accelerate, there is another stage shaped about like a blocky eight with two poles. When you walk in, the bar is straight ahead, slightly en route for the left. There is also a different entrance way into another dining area which is seperated with glass as of the main room. There are seats all around the stage. There is an additonal four booths with a number of more tables in this dining area. There are also several tables all the rage the main room. Club Review This is a brand new topless alliance which has somehow opened with an alcohol permit. There is also a closed circuit television showing the central stage over this stage.

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